Taking Stock and Fun Facts Friday 1/2/15

Making: My bed. Kinda.
Cooking: I half-made a tamale last night. For reals. 🙂
Drinking: Horchata and a kidney and liver detox tea.
Reading: Eat, Pray, Love.
Wanting: To go to Las Vegas. Always.
Looking: For balance (I copied this from Jaana)
Playing: With Simon (a stray cat my neighbor started to feed a few months ago.  We have started to bring him in at night and are hoping to find him a home.  He’s amazing!)
Deciding: What I need to bring for my sleep study tonight.
Wishing: I had the right medication to help me with this depression.
Enjoying: Listening to my nephews interact with each other as they play on their PS4.
Waiting: For the Mailman.
Liking: That I have a place to workout where I feel comfortable and welcomed.
Wondering: When I will kick this depression in its ARSE.
Loving: That my nephews are so kind and loving to one another.
Pondering: that 2015 is as close to 2030 as it is to 2000!
Considering: Selling more of my purses.
Watching: BIG BANG THEORY. It is my lyfe!
Hoping: For more joy.
Marveling: At how cunning and baffling depression it is. It’s no joke folks.
Needing: some good new tunes (I copied this from Jaana too).
Smelling: Tamales!
Wearing: Black slippers.
Following: More and more blogs. I love it.
Noticing: My brain is getting kind of wonky lately. What’s up with that?
Knowing: Heavenly Father knows the deal. I have to give it up.
Thinking: My toes are so cold.
Admiring: People who are so focused and zen.
Sorting: Clothes for laundry.
Buying: NOTHING (right now).
Getting: More focused on working out more consistently in 2015.
Bookmarking: More books. 🙂
Disliking: Headaches.
Opening: More books. 🙂
Giggling: At the conversations my nephews have with each other while playing Minecraft or the Lego movie game.
Feeling: Motivated to organize a Tweet chat on Twitter for those of us with the same genetic mutation that I have. There are 13 of us so far! Rare Disease my big toe!
Snacking: On Dove Peppermint Bark. Those candies are THE DEVIL.
Coveting: Fuzzy blankets. I may or may not have bought 2 more this year!
Resolving: To not worry about what I don’t have. To focus on the positive things I ALREADY have!
Hearing: My nephews’ reactions to everything PS4.

I found this at This Mom’s Gonna Snap and in turn she borrowed it.  (Her post as the original link.)

5 thoughts on “Taking Stock and Fun Facts Friday 1/2/15

  1. May your toes be warmer in 2015, your depression weaker, your tamales bigger, and everything else … happier. I really do wish you all the best, Heather. Cheers to you!

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