Guest Post – Meet Gracie

Social media is a wondrous thing when used for good, and I am happy to share that I have connected with another person who is living LOUDLY with Cowden Syndrome.  Please meet Gracie!


Hello! First of all I would like to thank Heather for giving me this opportunity to write this post. I’m very happy I got the chance to meet her via social media!
Well, I’m Gracie and I have a pretty hefty list of medical issues.  Epilepsy, goiter, sclerosis, a spine tumor, some nerve damage, tilted pelvis, messed up hip and foot due to nerve damage.. I think I got it all! Well, once my spine tumor was found they put all of this together and with some genetic history from my dad’s family they found out I have what is called “Cowdens Syndrome.” Most people are already into adulthood when they are diagnosed with cowdens. I was sixteen when they found out I have it.
I spent a lot of time.. sad. For a long time I was in a state of thinking it was unfair. I still understand feeling like it was unfair. When you’re sixteen and you’re watching all of your friends get their permits before you because you have to wait five months before you drive again, or having a seizure at a concert and realizing you can’t do your favorite thing anymore. Obviously there is a lot of bad in the situation. You see though, things started changing for me when I got the job as a missionary. The job was amazing. I worked with people in Canada and I worked with kids in numerous camps. I taught classes and I got the chance to visit some very cool cities. It was great.. then it sparked an idea.
I decided to start a blog while working as a summer missionary. Hence, The Seventeen Year Old Missionary. As my blog started writing about cowdens intertwined with writing about missions. My main goal is two things, share my faith and spread awareness. I’m currently seventeen, a freshman in college, and working towards a degree in teaching! Thank you for reading my story!
Reach me:
Twitter: @gracie_cabral
Instagram: @gracies_nail_art
Facebook: The Seventeen Year Old Missionary
Thanks again Heather for allowing me to share!

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