I didn’t want to start taking psych meds, because with all the other meds I take I am worried for my liver and kidneys.  Yes, they are checked but that doesn’t ease my anxiety for their well-being.

However, I finally gave in.  I started 2 medications recently and I cannot deny that I feel better.

I am thankful to feel a change; and that makes me happy I can tell.

There is quite a bit of stuff on my shoulders every moment of every day.

And, I feel better.

I pray it lasts.



6 thoughts on “Shorty

  1. Like I said in one of my recent blogs, ” I have become one of those people” and I don’t care because no pain and sleep already equal better life. Well done!! Good move xxxx

  2. It can be so difficult to find a balance between managing our daily symptoms, and our long-term health! But for today, I’m glad you’re feeling better. And I pray it lasts for you, too.

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