Fun Fact Friday 2/13/15

I have worked several retail jobs during my life (many bookstores), but never a department store.  Last week I was at Target and two different people asked me questions about something in the store.

First, a woman and her granddaughter walked by me and the grandmother asked me if I knew where golf balls were located.  The mortified teenager stopped her as she knew immediately that I wasn’t an employee because my expression of confusion was a dead giveaway.

Second, as I was leaving the store a man was about to ask me something, but then caught himself.  He said, “Oh wait.  You don’t work here.”  I told him that he was the second person in about 20 minutes to ask me if I was an employee.  He said, “I saw your lanyard.”  (Which, by the way, was a Disneyland lanyard.  And, NO Target employee wears a lanyard anyway!)

How funny, but how weird?! 🙂


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