Is this my type of seizure?

There’s not a whole lot more that bugs me (right now) than my brain getting in the way of me doing something I want to do.  Tonight’s to-do item was working out.  My brain said, “Haha, yah right.  Nope.  Not happening.”  And, I wonder if what happened last night was any type of warning…

My mom was cooking bacon, and my brother had chicken in the oven.  A few minutes I told his wife, “The timer is about to go off for your bacon.”

She looked at me puzzled.  “Bacon?”

Me:  Facepalm“Ugh.  I meant what’s in the onion.”

CRAP.  What is going on?!  “I mean the oven.”

Took some Ativan and went to bed.

Today had a nice, big, helping of vertigo while at work.  Ruined most of the day and now my night.

Any brain folks out there?  What do you do when this happens?

PS, I refuse to say that my friend was right.





One thought on “Is this my type of seizure?

  1. I can really identify with you, though. Vertigo is DEBILITATING! I would call your neuro people and ask if it has to do with your medication or lack of it. Maybe, maybe not!

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