A dream is a wish your heart makes…

…or, is it?

Have you ever had one of those dreams that grosses you out SO much that even 10 hours later from waking you are STILL getting chills?  Well, I had one of those last night. I am trying to work it out, and my mom brought up some interesting points that I think are on point.

I dreamt I was stung by a bee.  I’m not allergic, thankfully, so it wasn’t a huge deal in my dream.  But, I remember it stinging.  (Ewww.  I’m getting the chills AGAIN as I’m typing this!  What the crap?) I went to pull out the stinger and as I did I pulled out all this other crap, kind of like a stick or something.  And, it kept coming.  And, coming.  And, coming.  And, coming.  It wouldn’t stop.  It was long, thin, and gross.  So, effing, gross.  I woke up grossed out.  I know I’m writing gross a lot.  Believe me.  It was.

I looked online and found some sites about dream interpretation.  Here’s one I found interesting:

Another reason that you might dream of being stung by a bee is because you think that you have had a string of bad luck. Bees usually represent good luck, and the payoff of industrious labor and hard work. So when one of these positive symbols comes back to bite you, it can honestly be a little confusing. You think that despite your hardest efforts, things just have not been going your way in life, but you can’t exactly figure out a way to change things for yourself and it is really affecting you emotionally and mentally. Don’t let yourself fall down this road. Instead try to figure out how you can make yourself feel a little better. And change your luck for the better.

I am a bit speechless.  I mean, come on.  Have you been reading my blog for a while?!  Couldn’t I have written that on the dream interpretation page about my life?  Rest assured, I didn’t.  But, I probably could have and titled it, “hopeforheather”.  So….

I get it, kinda.  I mean, I am working on many things to make myself feel better:  Exercise, therapy, volunteering, learning how to advocate for Rare Disease in person and on Social Media.  Mom said that maybe the “sticks” represented a type of “poison” I’m in the process of pulling out of me.  Makes a bit of sense, right?  This brain thing is going to be ever-changing, as is Cowden Syndrome.  More processing.  And just today I talked with the neurologist’s office and they want to refer me out to one of the big hospitals for further evaluation.  Cough cough.  So, this is my life with Lhermitte-duclos Disease.  Process.  Change.  If I didn’t know how to tuck and roll before diagnosis, I better learn how to do it ASAP.




4 thoughts on “A dream is a wish your heart makes…

  1. These dream interpretations can be amazing. I heard a dream expert say recently that there is no such thing as bad dreams, but they are all messages from our unconscious

  2. It’s been a month I go to the neurosurgeon on the 3 of march .he’s already told me they are going to remove it it’s about the size of a golfball.I really don’t know what expect he’s super confident like it’s no big deal , other doctors have told he is the leading expert on lhermitte-duclos. I really am curious what I will be like after the surgery.. It Was Frist Thought I Had Hht OR OsLeR Weber ReND U Syndrome I Have Had 3 Really Big Surgerys for removal of avms . I was a truck driver before I found this out now I have been put on the side lines Which I guess is good I don’t want to see any body hurt with my dizziness ringing in my ears and weak legs . I am hoping and praying that I will be able to walk and move after the surgery .Yesterday afternoon taking a nap with my wife she said I was shaking in my sleep not sure yet if that was a seizure or not.Do people go on disabilty
    because of this l have had an open case for 2 years now.
    What’s really crazy is for the past 2 years I have had no insurance I have been going to the university hospital were they teach doctor s .Thank GOD I final have insurance . It makes me want to scream because none of them will look at all the crazy symptoms and treat it as a whole I always have to go to a specialist and it’s round and round with the test and nothing gets done. I hope this will change now that I have a policy.Maybe I
    can be normal and have primary care doCT or to help sort this all out.
    It’s really crazy in the past month I find out I need brain surgery lost my job , my sister who lives next door to me her house burns to the ground while the house burning my dad has a third stroke losses his short term memory . Thanks for your blog and listening it’s nice to know that I am not the only one with this crazy brain thing going on.

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