Because I don’t get it

  • I am in a dire financial situation.  That’s nothing new.  Haven’t worked steadily since diagnosis, brain is getting wonky, balance getting worse, etc.  (I know you can connect the dots from here.)
  • I try to work as often as I can, and that says a lot.  Because between medical appointments it’s rare that I can find a day off and a substitute teaching job on the same day that I will do. (In another post I will write about the woes of subbing for high schoolers and how I must be discerning on the jobs I accept.)  It’s not a day in the park subbing for high schoolers, but I really do love it.  Most days.  🙂
  • Found out that it “may” look bad to the disability judge that I’m working a small amount.  Um, I’m desperate for money.  One needs money to survive.  Thankfully, I can still kinda work, so why would subbing a few days a month be a big deal?
  • Does this mean I should stop working the next 8 months because I don’t want the judge to think, “She subs 1 day a week, why can’t she sub 5?”  I’m only pushing through the bad brain days because I have to!  Why is this so difficult?  I don’t think that working a small amount should be held against me.  Because, who knows how long I’ll be able to sub, anyways?


3 thoughts on “Because I don’t get it

  1. The machinations of our Government … so frustrating. I hope that you have a good disability lawyer working on your side. I can’t remember if you said you had one. A good one does not charge anything, and they only take a percentage of your first award. It’s worth it. You need a good legal advocate to help push this through for you. ❤ Sending hugs.

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