Physical Therapy 2

This day was quite a work-out; I had no idea all that this would entail.  Thankfully I didn’t shed any tears (Yay)!

I have another P.T. appointment this week and realized I hadn’t yet written about the last one, so I figured I better get cracking.

There was a lot of “doing things that I didn’t want to do” – and by that I mean, there was a lot of pushing through my mental barriers.  And there was a lot of resignation to the fact that I just can’t do what I once did.  I know this is all great stuff that I’m doing at P.T., and I’m very thankful to be there; however, when I am in the midst of an exercise that is taking every ounce of emotional and physical strength I have, let’s just say, “It’s a lot.”

In this hour, I had to stand on one foot and then throw a ball to another staff member.  There was a lot of this.  A lot of switching legs, a lot of balancing and a whole lotta more balancing.  Another thing I had to do was stand on one of these upside down while throwing the ball to the therapist and DON’T FORGET to balance with my eyes closed and one hand tied behind my back singing Jingle Bells.

You want me to do what, where?

You want me to do what, where?

Ha.  Not really, but it sure felt like it.

It’s hard but I can do it.  It’s frustrating but I can do it.  I’m really working on coming away from this experience with gratitude that I am here.  I try to leave the frustration at home before I get to the gym.  That is so much easier said than done, but maybe in a few more visits I’ll be better and less frustrated with myself!  (The taped cross-thingy was very interesting but we didn’t get to it last week.  I betcha we will this week tho!)


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