Dream a little dream

I have had some very vivid dreams lately.  And they aren’t pleasant, either.

I probably should keep a dream diary, but I always think of things like that after that fact when it’s too late.

Last night I dreamt I saw a new doctor; she was female, short grey hair.  I had not seen her before, didn’t know her name or anything.  It was a referral for brain stuff, yet she told me she recommended me for the esophagectomy and I needed to call the surgeon as soon as possible.

I remember running after her in a hospital and asking her about my head.  She didn’t even want to discuss it.  Very dismissive.

Isn’t that weird?  What is my subconscious telling me?  I haven’t heard anything from the surgical department, so I know that nothing has been approved yet.  And although I’m having a lot of symptoms and I am dreading trying to be at peace for whatever comes next.  I don’t really think I have freaked out, and for sure I am not thinking about my esophagus before I go to bed at night.  If I think about anything Cowden Syndrome related before I go to bed at night it’s usually my Dairy Queens.  Or my balance and vertigo (which vertigo is happening again, but how do I bring it up to PT?)

I remember months ago I had a dream where I got stung by some type of insect or something.  I knew I had to remove the “poison” from my arm (Ew.  I’m getting chills right now just remembering the dream) and as I did so it was long, thin, stick-like.  And, the biggest thing I noticed is that as I kept pulling it out, it wouldn’t stop.  It kept coming and coming and coming and coming.  It was one of the weirdest dreams I’ve ever experienced.

Anyone have experience interpreting dreams?



2 thoughts on “Dream a little dream

  1. Dreams are strange things. A few nights ago, I had a dream that was a medical sci-fi thriller with two characters from Star Wars. I think I was stressed.

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