Happy Anniversary!

4 years ago today I heard the words that forever changed the direction of my life:  “There’s something there.”

I wonder if I’ll always be moved on this date, or once I hit the 5-year mark things will be easier?

Probably not.

Just got home from lunch with a friend – it was nice to spend time eating good food, “celebrating”… I remember so much about that moment in Dr. F’s office when I got “the news”.  My friend told me where she was when she got “the call” about me.  Most of the 9 days between diagnosis and the first brain surgery was such a blur, but I remember the terror and fear.  Today, I am pleased to say that terror is lessened.

I have to remember where I was to know which direction I must go.  Forward always.



4 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary!

  1. Heather — it’s been a while. I am still lurking. Seventeen years ago this month I had breast cancer. Does it get easier? No, just different. I am more focused on just being a good human being. What happens, happens. My beloved has stage 4 colon cancer. I have a new lump in my thigh. That is just life. It is just how nature works. We do not get to pick and choose our circumstances, only how we react to those circumstances. You are made of good stuff, capable, strong. Nurture that. I am sending good energy your way. Keep writing when you can. Sharing your story helps others. And you. Also sending a hug. And maybe some ice cream.

  2. Heather, I was diagnosed 5 years ago with an Oligo Stage 3. Followed by radiation and then two years of chemo. My wife and I just celebrated 5 years from diagnosis. I can’t say if it gets any easier after 5, but I can say that given how I felt once I got the “Bad News”, hitting 5 years is a miracle. I just stumbled on your blog so I’ll try to follow. I am new at this and just learning and going to Blogging 101 class. I will begin posting publicly very soon. BTW, your scar looks a lot better than mine did 5 years ago. I scared the “you know what” out of my barber… hence the nickname given to me post surgery…Mr. Baseballhead

    • Thanks for following and your nice comment! This scar was only a few months after surgeries…I should probably take another one 4 years later and compare the difference! 🙂 I just tried to follow your blog and it said it was private/needed to approve, so hopefully that went through. Thanks again for the nice comment! And happy anniversary to you too! 🙂

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