No words

I’ve never known anyone with a brain tumor before.  Since diagnosis a new world has opened up for me.

There aren’t any words.  Brain tumors and cancer scare the shit out of me.

One of my virtual friends fought a battle I cannot ever understandShe’s at rest tonight.

I have a hole in my heart. 

I will miss you Candice.  Thank you for your friendship and support.


5 thoughts on “No words

  1. I visited the Immunology Dept. at UC Irvine yesterday and picked up a magazine called LIVE WELL, Smarter Healthcare for Southern California, Fall 2015 issue. There is a good article in it called WITHIN REACH – SOPHISTICATED NEW THERAPIES FOR BRAIN TUMORS OFFER HOPE. It is written by Victoria Clayton. It talks about leading-edge surgery and innovative vaccines that offer more hope than ever. (I hope that you can get a copy of this article.) If you send me your email, perhaps my husband can scan the article into my computer, and I can send it to you. Or if you send me your snail mail address, I can send a photocopy via snail mail. Wishing you the best.

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