This neuro and sudoku life

Tomorrow I finally get to see the neurologist.  It’s been several months since I had an appointment.

Sometimes, I feel like I am just complaining about the things going on with me; however, she needs to know.  I know there isn’t a magic pill, nor another surgery (at least I hope not) that she can give me to make this stuff go away.  These symptoms are just effects of brain surgery (2) too many times.  You know?  Dizzy spells happening more, headaches happening more, trouble walking and problems with my fine motor skills are happening more.  Just cerebellum “stuff” happening more and more.  My life will always be laced with brain stuff.  And, side note:  I cannot think of any other adjectives besides “stuff”.  Quite annoying!

My only resources are to “tuck and roll”.  Tuck and roll hard. 

And, probably more sudoku.


2 thoughts on “This neuro and sudoku life

  1. At the very least sudoku is entertaining and will ensure that some of your brain “stuff” continues to work.

  2. I truly do feel your pain! Three brain surgeries under my belt and problem after problem continues to mount. I often have to laugh at the absurdity of it all…it’s a chicken or egg thing sometimes. It’s also difficult for others who haven’t experienced it to get it.

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