Memory; Blessed

I was pretty fired up a few minutes ago.  I was talking to my mom on the phone, and then after we hung up we texted one another a bit more.  I literally could not remember if I had had her on speakerphone during our conversation.  (Now, it’s not “what” I couldn’t remember that is phasing me, it’s that I “could not” remember.)  Not a bloody thing would come to my mind and we had just spoken on the phone about 3 minutes earlier!  And I couldn’t remember if I had had the phone on speaker?  What the crap?

THEN, I couldn’t remember my password to a website I log onto often.  I mean, I visit this website daily and I couldn’t recall what my password was.  What is going on?!

But you know what?  As I was sitting here starting to become very anxious and worked-up, somehow I was led to the “Comments” section on my blog and I started to read your comments from the first days after diagnosis leading up to the first craniotomy.  Man, what a way to knock me down a notch or two.  Where I was compared to where I am today brings tears to my eyes.  I may not have any money and am struggling severely financially, and my memory is failing, but I am not recovering from brain surgery tonight and I have a roof over my head.  My cat Kona is to my right on the arm of the chair as I type this.

I am very thankful to be where I am tonight.

6 thoughts on “Memory; Blessed

  1. Don’t worry about forgetting things. Nobody has touched my brain, the surgeon removed my whole colon, and I often find myself opening the web browser and not knowing what I intended to see or search. Maybe all my thinking was done in the large intestine, maybe this just happens to everybody. Maybe it’s my poor sleep. I also feel happy about a bunch of things: I have a job, I have a wife, I’m usually able to cook breakfast for her, and I haven’t seen the ER a lot these days…

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