This week (well, last) Part 2

Remember this post?  Well, let’s continue:

So, I am in a strange town.  Sitting outside a gas station crying my eyes out.  I just found out that the firm I chose to advocate for me in my disability claim is threatening to fire me.  I have worked with them for almost 3 years.  I am utterly speechless.  In the middle of a panic attack, at rock bottom.

I tried to calm myself down as best I could and I decided to call their office again.  (This is either the 2nd or 3rd time.)  I make contact with the receptionist and demand to speak with a live person.  I told her that I’m a client of theirs, I received many notifications just then and that I needed to speak with someone urgently about my claim status.  I was not going to take no for an answer.  This mistreatment of me by them stops.  Now.

A guy got on the phone and I went through the entire situation.  My “case manager” isn’t returning my calls (again, he tells me she’s having personal issues and has been out of the office.  HELLO:  NOT MY FREAKING PROBLEM!) He talks me off a ledge.  Kind of.  He begins to go through my records and tells me, “Oh yes.  You received those notices because you haven’t called us back.  We have called you 3 times with no response.”

ME:  “Uhm, what?  No one has called me from your office since June, BEFORE I got the notification of my hearing date.  When I called the “case manager” when I received the letter she said she “had to call me back” and then I never heard from her.”

HIM:  “Yes, I see it right here.  We called you X, Y, and Z.”

ME:  I begin to freak out.  Wait.  What?  Did someone call me?  Did I forget? I am forgetting things more often lately.  Oh crap.  Did someone call and I never called them back?  What’s going on?

More discussion between he and I.  I push back.  I know no one had called me.  No e-mail.  Nothing.

HIM:  “Oh wait.  I see something.”

ARE YOU SITTING DOWN?  Come to find out this firm as 2 systems to track contact with clients.  In 1 of them there were supposed dates and times of someone “trying” to contact me.  HOWEVER, when he looked in the other system (where they document telephone calls, I guess) THERE WAS NO DATE AND TIME OF CALLING ME SINCE BEFORE JUNE.  You follow me here?

The employee(s) had fabricated (read: LIED) of trying to contact me.  No one ever had.

It doesn’t register to me (then) the magnitude of what just happened.  I played along, answered his questions, he called me the next morning as we went through my medical records.  The last date of service of my medical records they had requested was from 2014.  (?!)  I still didn’t get it.

As I got home, unpacked, I then got sick with the norovirus.  That took 2 days of my life I’ll never get back.

After I began to recover from that virus (which I’m still struggling to fight today, I think) I really began to ponder what had happened with my “representation”.  It didn’t sit well with me.  Something wasn’t right.  Something hasn’t ever been right with this place.  Shoulda, coulda, woulda.  Bottom line:  the initial reason why I chose this firm no longer applied even.

I decided to make some phone calls.  I needed to do some research.  I had made 3 until I finally spoke with someone.  My first question was, “If I get denied at the hearing level, what are my options?”  I realized, after speaking with him, I needed to immediately fire who I had and hire someone new.

I did.




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