This is a rant

Have you ever been so mad that you want to spit nails?  This was me, yesterday.

If you’re the person who goes to the doctor once a year for your check-up, consider yourself lucky.  I, unfortunately, am NOT one of those people.  I go to the hospital a lot.  And, to the doctor.  Because Cowden Syndrome and Lhermitte-duclos Disease.

Yesterday, I was at the hospital for a blood draw.  It was around 1 PM, and I had fasted all morning.  When I first walked into the lab there was no one there.  Not. one. single. person.  Anywhere.  I walked around and asked, “Is the lab closed?”  And everyone assured me it was open.

When I get back to the lab, I see another person before me.  She said there was finally someone there to check-us in.  After a few minutes a man comes out (dressed in scrubs) and said to us, “The phlebotomist isn’t here.  She’ll be back soon.”

I asked him, “What does soon mean?  1 minute or 1 hour?”  I was not rude or sarcastic at all.  I just had another place to be yesterday and I was watching my time.

He said it would be about 15 minutes or so.  So, I waited.  I watched the clock, and after waiting there for 10 minutes (plus there was another person who was before me) I decided I needed to leave.  (Again, I had somewhere else I needed to be).  I popped my head into the back area (as there was STILL no one at the front checking patients in) and I said to him that I needed to get going and I would come back another time.

He said, very sarcastically, “Well there’s nothing I can do about a 3 minute wait time.”

I responded, “It’s been more than 3 minutes and I don’t appreciate your sarcasm.”

Ugh.  I came unglued.

I told him I had somewhere I needed to be and asked him to give me back the paperwork.  (You know, the paperwork that has my birthday, personal information, etc.)

He gave it to me and I walked out.

As I looked at the paperwork, I saw he gave me the wrong one.

When I walked back into the lab (and still, there’s no one at the front desk)…I pop my head in the back and I see him complaining about me to another employee.  Now, of course I didn’t hear the exact conversation.  But, his body language, stance, and facial expression exactly told me what they were talking about.  Me.

I said, “I’m right here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” so that he could see me and know that I saw him.

I told him that he gave me the wrong paperwork.  He handed me mine, with my name on it, and asked if I was coming back that day or the next.  I wish I would have said to him, “Well, if you’re working tomorrow then that’s a big fat no.” But, I didn’t.  I said something like, “I’m not sure.”

Here’s the thing:  I have been around quite a few blocks since diagnosis.  I WILL NOT TOLERATE being spoken to as anything less than a human being.  I don’t care if you judge me because I don’t have insurance, or whatever.  I don’t care if you hate your job.  I don’t care if you got a ticket on the way to work or forgot your phone at home.  If you work in the medical field you should have common courtesy.  And, if you do not, then I will raise holy hell to make sure you don’t treat another person inappropriately.

I filed a complaint.

On top of everything else I must manage in my daily life, I don’t appreciate this added stress and disrespect.  I will fight for respect.  Yet, here’s the kicker:  Why would I have to fight for it? Why isn’t it a given in the medical field, you know?


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