On walking, “looking good”, and headaches

I had so much to write about yesterday.  My walk and how much I hate it, yet I see the purpose because it challenges my balance so much.  How I have been told by a few people lately, “But you look so good!” While that’s a kind thing to say, it doesn’t negate the trials and terror I deal with behind closed doors.

And then waking up to a pretty big headache, unlike one I’ve had in a long while, just ruins my entire day.  (Morning.  I am going to work hard so that it just ruins my morning).

As I’ve said many times, there’s quite a bit to manage with brain tumors and a rare disease.  Imagine if I didn’t have them…how much “easier” my life would be!


One thought on “On walking, “looking good”, and headaches

  1. Heather, my dizzy spells are getting worse. The back of my head where tumor is hurts when I have them. What r u headaches and dizzy spells like? I am scared they will have to do surgery. I am seeing the Columbus Ohio university cowden syndrome clinic on Sept 21. I hope they can help me

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