I’m hungry

Considering everything I’ve been through, it’s completely understandable that I’m nervous about going to the hospital tomorrow.

I have had several colonoscopies already; however, that doesn’t make this any easier to bear. I am at a greater risk of getting colon cancer because of my mutated PTEN gene. It’s not fun. It’s not easy. I’m also having an EGD. Because polyps and Cowden Syndrome are BFFs. We know I have innumerable polyps already, checking their status in about 8 hours from now.

I have had a steady diet of Cucumber Gatorade and chicken broth today. I’ve experienced uncomfortableness today, too. Tomorrow, I pray for a skilled and clear-minded Doctor who will make sure I am safe and does what he needs to do for my health. 

I’m also dreaming of something Pumpkin when I get home. 

Going to try to get some ounce of sleep; a challenge amongst the hunger pains and anxiety of hospital- anything.  

Good night.

3 thoughts on “I’m hungry

  1. Heather, prepare for your scope, and after your procedure, go eat what your stomach feels like. It’s something that sounds simple, but I wish I could do. Two years ago I had my first scope, they found me covered in polyps and I was soon scheduled to get rid of the treacherous colon. The first months after surgery were ok, I wore a bag, but then I was reconnected, and it’s really been tough. Stay on top of your health and enjoy your food, and I hope you don’t need anything but surveillance. Good luck and well wishes to you!!!

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