Add another headache

Since diagnosis, I’ve come to realize how valuable my time is.

How come I didn’t have this mindset before?  Did I just live my life with my head in the clouds?  Not realizing ANYTHNG?!

Regardless, I know it now.  I’m fully aware and invested in what I choose to do, and where, and with whom.

This afternoon I had had a busy schedule filled with a couple of medical appointments.  This morning, a little bug in my ear told me to call the office to confirm my appointment.

Well, surprise surprise!  The doctor isn’t in the office for the entire month of October.  Did anyone call me to reschedule?  Heck, no.  Did anyone give a rip that I almost went all that way for nothing?  Believe me this:  Had I driven all that way come to find out my appointment had been canceled, I would have lost my noodle in that waiting room.  Believe me.

If I choose to waste my time, that’s my decision.  Not yours!  If I choose to read a book, walk around the block, mindlessly shop online…that’s all me!  You do not get to waste my time.  You do not get to pull me around by the neck forcing me to do what you will.

And, you know what this taught me?  I now must take more of my valuable time and call each and every single medical appointment before I go.  To make sure my appointment hasn’t vanished. Ugh.  Who has time to remember to do that?!

Lest my entire day be a waste of time, I had sushi with a friend of mine.  Now, I’m playing on iTunes and importing old music (Grease, Fantasia 2000, Phantom, Beauty and The Beast – so much music I had forgotten about!)


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