Daily Prompt: Resist

I have tried to do these things in the past, but since I’m not a writer I don’t do them all that often.  I wish I was a writer, and could write eloquently and express the things in my heart.  I usually just mush everything and end up writing the way I speak. #fail

Anyway, I saw the prompt for today and it resonated with me.  Time to pick it up and be the Blogger I only dream about!  🙂


For years after diagnosis, I resisted everything.  I don’t have brain tumors.  I don’t have a rare hereditary cancer syndrome.  I don’t have to go to the doctor all the time.  I’m not high-risk for breast cancer.  These brain tumors will not grow.  Resist.  Resist.  Resist.  

Only today, almost 6 years after diagnosis, am I starting to get a glimpse of acceptance.  Resistance is futile.  Especially when you have a sketchy medical status.  I can no longer resist what is.

I have 2 brain tumors.  I have Cowden Syndrome.  Resisting the reality of that is a recipe for disaster.  My life has been a disaster and continues so.

Today, I tell you I will try harder.  I will do better.  I will stop resisting.



4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Resist

  1. Denial is a hard thing to avoid. It’s part of human nature. People tend to expect the fairy tale existence. “Once upon a time, there was me [whoever you are]. I will grow up, get married, live happily ever after, and never had a care in the world.” The hard part is accepting that something, maybe lots of somethings, will go wrong between points a and z. Things start to feel less painful when we accept, as you say, what is rather than trying to force it to fit the mold. You didn’t expect cancer. I didn’t expect fertility issues galore and child loss. But all we can do is accept and be grateful for the blessings on the journey. Thank you so much for your post. I really appreciate your positive attitude.

  2. Heather I have had the brain tumor and cowden syndrome for ten years… just now I had the brain surgery. It does suck!!!

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