I do it and I do it well

I criticize every single person when they do it wrong.

When I write “wrong”, I mean violate my privacy.

Maybe I should worry about your privacy too; however, I wish you would worry about your privacy. When I am standing behind you in line at the doctor and hear your address, telephone number, birthday, your mother’s maiden name, your temperature, etc. being shouted by you or the office staff, do you realize I could be recording you!  Who knows what or where that information could end up?  Of course, I’m not recording you.  But, there are bad people everywhere.

I have complained many times and to several different people (managers, administrators, etc.) at the hospitals and doctor offices.  Nothing has changed. What has changed is me.  I know enough to not shout my home address and birthdate for all in the waiting room to hear.  I now write down my address or birthday and give it to them through the window.  That works for me.  That is how I handle my privacy now, because no one else gives a rip.  Trust me.

I now criticize a little less than before.  And I mean a very little.



One thought on “I do it and I do it well

  1. I wrote about this many times on my blog and it is one of my biggest peeves. I had a huge blow up a few years ago with a receptionist at my medical group when she told me I was rude because I politely asked her not to shout my personal information for the whole waiting room to hear ( i was very calm and polite). The office manager was drawn in and it went to the head of the group, resulting in the receptionist being dismissed (which they said she was due for, so it was not my fault, I was just the last straw), and them changing their policies by implementing my suggestion to have the patient look over a printed form when they check in and verify that all the information is still correct. They implemented this throughout all their offices across three states. They have recently updated to actually hand you a tablet to look over your info. And yes, I am proud that the one time I lost patience and got into a full blown argument with a rude receptionist resulted in a positive outcome for everyone.

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