Daily Prompt: Hospitality

Am I the only one who saw “hospital” first?  No?  OK, then.

I laugh that I draw that conclusion.  But, you can’t blame me.  Out of all my hospital stays, many of them weren’t very hospitable.  I felt no hospitality whatsoever.  🙂

I could write stories of my experiences, and in fact I have many times.

One of my (many) wishes would be to talk to every JERKY nurse, doctor, technician I have come across since diagnosis and give them a piece of my mind,  tell them off, sincerely ask them why they are in the medical field.  If you don’t have one ounce of compassion in your soul, DO A DIFFERENT JOB!



3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Hospitality

  1. Exactly! I remember the horrible nurse who greeted me at hospital with a very rude “you’re not on today’s schedule” when I was sent there from the gynaecologists office when he discovered it was an ectopic pregnancy.
    Sorry lady – I wasn’t planning an emergency operation either. Think it might ruin my day more than yours! I was so upset about everything that was happening I didn’t even reply but I have often since wondered why she chose that profession. That said, other nurses have been amazing, very warm and caring.. 😃🐻

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  3. I too have had horrible beyond horrible experiences with doctors and nurses treatment and care and even faced stigma by these professionals. I hate going to the doctor etc because for about 20 years if my life that was my life….

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