You may think getting diagnosed with 2 brain tumors and a hereditary cancer syndrome is bad?

Try getting denied for disability.

This is actually worse.

I try really hard to be brave.

I really try hard to be strong.

You cannot survive without money.

I am broken.

What is the point anymore?

Approval would have helped me avoid filing bankruptcy. That’s now next on my to-do list. 

Every time I think about it I begin to cry.

Every thing I am feeling and thinking now is exactly what I feared would happen.


15 thoughts on “Despair 

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      • You don’t have anything to lose to file again, right? Is your illness causing you anxiety? Have you tried seeing a psyche doc? Maybe you can get it through a mental disorder. I’m so sorry, it just isn’t fair. Did you have a lawyer?

      • I have many psych docs. And had an “advocate” who was worth his weight in paper towels, evidently. One psych doc wanted to try a new med and I said we’d do it on the next appt. That doc then left the clinic. The “judge” used it against me that I “never tried the new meds suggested”. He also said I was “calm and happy” in the courtroom.

      • What an ahole judge! I’m so sorry. I bet people go in there and over exaggerate their illnesses, and what do you getvfor being honestly in need? I say go back in there and drink a red bull so you will have or appear to have anxiety, but you are above that! Something will work out onecway or another. Bankruptcy isnt all bad, at least you wont have bills to worry about anymore. Hugs

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