Never say never

I’m having surgery tomorrow.

You know, I swore that after my last surgery (the hysterectomy) that I would NEVER have another surgery.  Never ever.

And, yet here we are.

For the record, thankfully it’s not on my brain or my breasts.

It’s time to say goodbye to my gallbladder.


Catch you on the flip side friends!

6 thoughts on “Never say never

  1. Oh my gosh! I hope everything goes smoothly and recovery is fast. Did they schedule this or have you been in pain? After seeing a glimpse of some results from my recent CT scan I wondering if they’re going to recommend removing my gall bladder so I’m curious!

  2. How did it go? How are you feeling? Interestingly enough, you are my second friend to say goodbye to your Gallbladdar this week. Is this trending? Hope you are on the mend and wishing you a speedy recovery!

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