Brain Tumor Life

I don’t think I’ll ever get used to having a brain tumor.  I guess, that’s understandable right?  I mean there are 2 foreign objects things types of poison in my cerebellum that wreaks havoc on my life.

SIDE NOTE:  I began to read  the Wikipedia link on the cerebellum.  I now feel like vomiting.

I work temporarily, on-call, and when I am physically able.  I worked for several hours yesterday, and what do you think today entails?  Resting.  Reading maybe.  QUIET.  I cannot tolerate the TV, music, radio, podcasts, NOTHING.  It’s so annoying.  And, frustrating.  I just want to live a normal (what’s that, right?) life and feel like a contributing member of society.  It always goes back to the financial duress I am under every moment, and that I am unable to finance my life and support even my bare living necessities.

What happens to people like me?  Where do we go?  Are we forgotten always?

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