Except it.

  1. You have two brain tumors.
  2. You have a rare genetic condition called Cowden Syndrome.
  3. You had 2 brain surgeries.
  4. You had a prophylactic hysterectomy.
  5. You had thyroid cancer and had 2 surgeries as well.
  6. Once returning to work after both brain surgeries, you were bullied and forced to quit.
  7. You now have some cognitive issues.
  8. You applied for Disability.
  9. You were denied Disability.
  10. You tried to raise money to survive.
  11. You were forced to file bankruptcy.

But just except it, Heather. Then you’ll be fine.

5 thoughts on “Except it.

  1. I’ve been traveling this road myself My heart goes out to you. I can relate. You will get your disability. They are notorious for denying 3 times. I too filed bankruptcy and I still can’t get caught up. I am checking in to a treatment center on October 22nd. The stress depression And anxiety amplified by chronic ptsd has me relapsing after 16 years of sobriety. Stay strong and do not judge yourself. You will get through this. It just takes time but in everything there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. Like you I battle cancer, cowdens, Hashimotos, thyroid, fybromyalgia, memory loss, neuropathy, lymphedema…..just to name a few but I’m alive and so are you

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