The ups and downs of the life of a Chronically Ill person

Got some bad news today.  Found out my PCP, who I have been working with since 2011, is leaving her clinic and moving onward and upward.

She’s known me before diagnosis and has been utterly fantastic post-diagnosis of Cowden Syndrome and Lhermitte-duclos Disease.  I get it, though.  I have been through this before with others on my team, but it doesn’t get any easier!  If I was a regular person, this would just be par for the course:  OK, time to choose a new doctor.  But when you’re navigating life with 2 Rare Diseases, it’s a tad different.

I am sad.  Pretty darn sad.  So Mom treated me to sushi after the appointment.

Found out my results of my FNA biopsy of my thyroid bed from a few weeks ago.  NO DIAGNOSABLE SAMPLE WAS FOUND.  AGAIN.  I am so over this.  

I have decided that this issue is going to the back burner.  Maybe I’ll have another one in the Spring; who knows.  Right now there’s too much other stuff going on.



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