Life = change = life

Ugh.  I saw my new primary doctor yesterday.  Such a surreal experience.  Of course I know that my original doctors (since diagnosis) can’t be with me forever but waaahhh.  I miss my olddddd doctor.  She knew me.  It was easy.  And, to be honest, in stating my history for this doctor I didn’t quite realize how much of a hot mess I actually am.  🙂 I am a lot.

Currently, I don’t have an oncologist which really sucks balls.  My previous oncologist took the burden from my shoulders and was responsible for managing all of my procedures: mainly coordinating my colonoscopies, kidney scans, etc.  But since I have different insurance now (which also sucks eggs terribly, but that’s for another post) the “powers-that-be” will not authorize an oncologist because “I do not have cancer”.  Welp, hey folks let me tell you something:  I’m not trying to get cancer so can you get on board to help me CATCH it before it strikes?!

Waiting to hear about my EEG from a few weeks ago.  Just followed up with the Neuro so we’ll see.  I have learned that not hearing from the doctor, or the whole “no news is good news thing” doesn’t apply all the time with Cowden Syndrome and Lhermitte-duclos Disease.

I know things take time.  Blah blah. I get it.

It’s just a lot.  It’s a whole dang lot and I’m not sure how I’m doing it.

How are you, though?  Read any good books lately?  🙂  I’d love some recommendations.





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