Checking in

Hey friends:  I am still here! It’s been a while, and thought I’d catch up quickly this evening.

  • I had “surgery” on my thumb this week.  5 stitches for my trigger finger.  Blergh.  Not fun in the least little bit.
  • I had my mammo last week, because you know, Cowden Syndrome and high-risk breast cancer risk.  It was “normal”!  #winning
  • Since I just got my mammo I can now try to sort out my screening timeline again since Corona jacked *everything up.  Basically, someone is getting to second base with me every 3 months.
  • What are you watching lately?  I am a relatively new fan of BB (Go Ian!) and have been watching since #BB16.  Still into every single version of #90DayFiance, and just finished another Joe Exotic thing.  I liked this one the most as it followed up on some of the Big Cats Joe abused.  I am now a follower and newest sponsor of one of their residents.  Check out the sanctuary here!
  • Trying my hardest to keep my hope and head above water.  How are you doing in the time of Corona?


One thought on “Checking in

  1. Heather! Second base?! I hope it’s reassuring that at least it had legit meaning😄 I go for mine Monday(routine) and I always hope others are having a good day because that extra squeeze is a definite punishment 🤒 Not much on TV. And honestly, never have had the opportunity to sit long enough to not be distracted by the other humans in my life.
    I have a big b-day coming up and thought you’d like to know! Thursday 46. Wow! Do I feel 46, No! And I am going with that feeling at least for now😉

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