A new endeavor for hopeforheather

I am excited to share some news with you guys!  And, it’s not even medically related to anything.  🙂  So #winning!

I am now a Cedar Fort Publishing & Media Influencer/Reviewer and will be sharing some book reviews here very soon.  In fact, my first book review is below.  Hope you enjoy!



Women of the Restoration

Women of the Restoration is a great, quick read.  It is a short summary of the lives of some of the prominent women during the early years of the church.  Whether you know a lot of church history and are looking for a refresher, or don’t have any knowledge of the women of the early church – I would recommend this book. 

The book is divided into 4 areas (time periods) that the early Saints lived through, and I specifically liked that the author began this work with the brief summary of the Prophet Joseph’s mother, Lucy Mack Smith.  I hadn’t heard of many of the other women included here, so that was a great education for myself.  Also, I just found out that a friend of mine is a distant relative of one of the women in this book!

The author’s writing style is casual, and at times it seems she is asking the reader some very thought provoking questions.  This style of writing actually helped the words come alive to me as I was able to ponder how I might have behaved or responded during these amazing women’s trials they endured.

The book also includes a bibliography which is a great reference for further studying on church history.  Overall, a good book and would recommend it!

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