Daily Prompt [Flaunt]

I will forever think of this when I hear or read the word flaunt.



Merry Christmas ⭐️ 2017

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Daily Prompt [Fraud]

So weird.  I guess I have deep-rooted issues in my subconscious (duh, you think?)  Watch the evolution of this blog post… 🙂

Earlier I looked at these word prompt.  I was going to write something earlier today but then got distracted.  All day I kept thinking the word prompt was trauma.  It’s fraud.  How funny?  How odd.

As I am sitting here mulling around things in my mind, my first thought is how much of a fraud Brady is.  I mean, he says he loves Nicole but then look what he’s doing?  He can only play the nice guy for so long.

Ben was a fraud, too.

Actually, there are quite a few men in Salem who are frauds, come to think of it.

And, I’ve even known a guy myself who was a fraud and made me think we had a relationship. Yet, it was only an illusion.

This site defines fraud as: deceit, trickery.  An act of deceiving or misrepresenting.  

If I ever am blessed to get married or even have a relationship, how do I make sure he’s not a fraud?  Scary stuff.







PS:  I love Days of Our Lives, in case that wasn't clear.  
PPS:  I have actually endured quite a bit of trauma.

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Daily Prompt [Believe 10/9/17]

I believe in the person I want to become.

I don’t quite see her, yet.

But, she’s near.


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