Daily Prompt: Shimmer

As I first read today’s prompt, I thought to myself, “How does that song go?  Shining, shimmering, splendid?”

Since I am clearly not a writer, I have recently made more effort to write on these Daily Prompts.  For a ton of reasons (practice makes perfect!) but mainly so that I can (hopefully) write about other things than brain tumors and cancer, to show you I can be a really well-rounded person!  🙂

I love Aladdin.  It’s actually one of my favorite movies!

I have such fond memories of watching the Aladdin show at the Hyperion Theater at DCA in California.  Still heartbroken the show ended, but I know life must go on.

Want to know a secret?

I used to wish  hope  pray that if I ever got married my husband-to-be would propose somewhere at either park, but deep down I hoped the Aladdin show could have been the place.  “A Whole New World” kills me every time and I used to dream that would be the first song my husband and I danced to. ❤



Wordless Wednesday 7/26/17

I can’t with some humans today

…how irresponsible pet owners yell and scream at their (escaped) pets instead of taking a long, hard look at themselves?

I had a run in with a horrible, gross man this morning.  His little dog was running around and for the record:  I will always choose an animal over a stupid human being.

The man comes out as he hears me trying to get the dog home, and starts yelling and screaming at the dog.  I’m (in my car) waiting because I was going to tell him that I saw his dog out a few days earlier, too.  As he sees that I’m still there he screams, “GET AWAY FROM MY CAR.  WATCH THE CAR.”

I was stunned.

I was very far away from his car and in no way was I at risk for hitting it.


Did I mention a little tiny boy (maybe 2 years old?) was following at this man’s feet and making some noise?  I know this poor baby was terrified at what he was witnessing.

I pulled out my phone and took his picture. And, a picture of the dog before he was ushered to the back area.

I was dumbfounded.  Speechless.

I asked him, “Why are you being such a dick?”

And also, just for the record:  I didn’t get a word in edgewise to this crazy man.  He just yelled his fool head off.






My heart breaks for that poor dog.  Seriously.

But I know I can’t save them all.  It’s hard.

Wordless Wednesday 7/19/17

Wordless Wednesday 7/12/17

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