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I’m always big on dates

Two years ago tomorrow, October 21, 2017, I had bariatric surgery that saved (at least part of) my life.

I’ll get to writing about that very soon.

Finally had the FNA in my thyroid bed a week ago Friday. EIGHT (8!) times my Doc. had to put that bloody needle in my neck. And DIG. A lot.

It was bloody freaking hell and I do not want to ever have another fine needle biopsy again. I accidentally took a bit more Xanax than I should have and the back office staff was kind of freaking out, BUT I HAD TO DO WHAT I HAD TO DO: and my lovely Xanax still wore off after the first needle stick. #sucks

Doc says results should be in in 10 days. I’m not lucky nor a betting woman, but if I were, I would place big money on black that there will yet again be NO diagnosable tissue.

I will let you know as soon as I do!

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Happy Anniversary!

4 years ago today I heard the words that forever changed the direction of my life:  “There’s something there.”

I wonder if I’ll always be moved on this date, or once I hit the 5-year mark things will be easier?

Probably not.

Just got home from lunch with a friend – it was nice to spend time eating good food, “celebrating”… I remember so much about that moment in Dr. F’s office when I got “the news”.  My friend told me where she was when she got “the call” about me.  Most of the 9 days between diagnosis and the first brain surgery was such a blur, but I remember the terror and fear.  Today, I am pleased to say that terror is lessened.

I have to remember where I was to know which direction I must go.  Forward always.