Wordless Wednesday 8/11/21

My heart is shattered. I love you, my girl, to the moon and back times infinity 🙏🏻❤️

A new endeavor for hopeforheather

I am excited to share some news with you guys!  And, it’s not even medically related to anything.  🙂  So #winning!

I am now a Cedar Fort Publishing & Media Influencer/Reviewer and will be sharing some book reviews here very soon.  In fact, my first book review is below.  Hope you enjoy!



Women of the Restoration

Women of the Restoration is a great, quick read.  It is a short summary of the lives of some of the prominent women during the early years of the church.  Whether you know a lot of church history and are looking for a refresher, or don’t have any knowledge of the women of the early church – I would recommend this book. 

The book is divided into 4 areas (time periods) that the early Saints lived through, and I specifically liked that the author began this work with the brief summary of the Prophet Joseph’s mother, Lucy Mack Smith.  I hadn’t heard of many of the other women included here, so that was a great education for myself.  Also, I just found out that a friend of mine is a distant relative of one of the women in this book!

The author’s writing style is casual, and at times it seems she is asking the reader some very thought provoking questions.  This style of writing actually helped the words come alive to me as I was able to ponder how I might have behaved or responded during these amazing women’s trials they endured.

The book also includes a bibliography which is a great reference for further studying on church history.  Overall, a good book and would recommend it!

Wordless Wednesday 5/20/2020

Wordless Wednesday 5/13/2020

Wordless Wednesday 5/6/2020

Tuck and roll

Since being diagnosed with Lhermitte-duclos Disease and Cowden Syndrome I have met so many doctors. (It’s now par for the course.)

There have been 2 doctors that have changed me for the better. They have helped me find my voice I never knew I had! I’ll tell you what, 8 years later – since diagnosis – if I don’t care for XY or Z, I will tell you and your entire office staff. Managers too! 🤗

Anyway, I worked with both doctors for 8 years, which is so interesting to me. Just the timing of it all. Dr. F I saw until 2011 and Dr. B ended today.

I could go on and on about today’s doctor, which I may do in another post, but tonight I’ll just say that I had to say goodbye to her today. She’s moving on; and to be honest the future of healthcare, MY healthcare, scares that hell out of me. If I think things are rough for me to manage and navigate now – imagine 20 years from now? Gah.

But moving on to my point of this blog post, she thanked ME. For allowing her into my life. Huh?!

Blergh I tried to be strong but she killed me there. I feel like such a burden to most people I know: and for HER to thank ME just has me stunned. 😳

There are people who should and SHOULD NOT be in the medical field: and she is one of the few people who are in the right career. Her future patients will be beyond blessed to have her! 💕

I feel sad and kinda like a part of me is now missing. Just gotta be. Sad. Tuck and roll baby. Tuck and roll!