Hi everyone: I made it through the colonoscopy and EGD! It was a rough time; I’ll be very honest. So glad it’s over and now can move on to the next appointment on my calendar.

The GI doctor (whom I love!) biopsied 4 polyps in my colon and told my mom that my esophagus looked even BETTER than before! You may recall that my esophagus is “carpeted” with polyps and a few years ago I was referred to a specialist as there was talk about an esophagectomy at some point.  You can read about that fun time here.


I’ll take this news as a small win and will be in touch soon.  ❤


Daily Prompt [Blush]

Any tendencies I had to blush while hopping into my hospital gown are now gone.  I will strip naked in front of any nurse or doctor any day of the week.  That’s just what Cowden Syndrome and Lhermitte-duclos Disease have given me!  Shall I be grateful?  Not really.  But since I’m kind of a professional patient now there’s no need for me hesitate.  I will jump right in to get the business done.  No time to waste!

Oh, and by the way, speaking of waste, tomorrow morning I have my next colonoscopyI don’t like that I am high-risk colon cancer, and in fact I don’t like that I am high-risk any cancer.  It’s just what is today.  This is almost hour five of me trying to get the prep down.  It’s rough.  And I mean r o u g h.

Please send me good MOJO in the morning!  I really appreciate it.

I’m hungry

Considering everything I’ve been through, it’s completely understandable that I’m nervous about going to the hospital tomorrow.

I have had several colonoscopies already; however, that doesn’t make this any easier to bear. I am at a greater risk of getting colon cancer because of my mutated PTEN gene. It’s not fun. It’s not easy. I’m also having an EGD. Because polyps and Cowden Syndrome are BFFs. We know I have innumerable polyps already, checking their status in about 8 hours from now.

I have had a steady diet of Cucumber Gatorade and chicken broth today. I’ve experienced uncomfortableness today, too. Tomorrow, I pray for a skilled and clear-minded Doctor who will make sure I am safe and does what he needs to do for my health. 

I’m also dreaming of something Pumpkin when I get home. 

Going to try to get some ounce of sleep; a challenge amongst the hunger pains and anxiety of hospital- anything.  

Good night.