Daily Prompt [Present]

In this present moment I should be getting ready for church and pondering my Primary lesson.

However, after reading a few of the other blog posts this morning on the Daily Prompt I am now thinking about how difficult it is for me to be stay acknowledge the present.  My mind is flooded with moments before being wheeled into operating rooms, moments after having a CT scan, basically moments in the past.

I see it clearly.  I know what needs to be done.  I just don’t know h o w to do it.  How to get out of the past and into the present.


You know how great you feel when you’ve been sick for a while…then time passes and you feel better?  I’m kind of getting a small glimpse of that.  Physically and emotionally.  Tiny glimmer of it.  Had a very emotional week and then topped it off with seeing the surgeon yesterday and he had to do some work to my incision.  I’ve had a GNARLY scab (sorry!  gross!) there for the longest time and it has not budged one inch.  Mom and I have thought it would have to get smaller eventually…and it would not budge or anything.  So we finally went in to see him and he went to work.  It was a bit uncomfortable for me but I was a brave little toaster.  🙂

It ended up that having this THING on my head kept the incision from healing all the way still.  (Hello…I’m almost to 3 months from the 2nd surgery!?) but the GREAT thing is that it has healed from the inside…but he still had to do a bunch of stuff to make sure it was super clean.  He had to shave more of my hair around it and stuff, but I was just so thankful that I could move my head and neck that far down for him to do what he needed to do to take care of it.  So now I have more bandages on my hair and tape but my hair is still long enough to cover most of it.  Work is postponed at least another week because of this –

AND – I’m having a CT scan on Monday.  This past Monday I woke up with a headache and pretty nauseous.  (How come I can’t remember if I’ve already posted about this or not?  Oh yep – because I had brain surgery a while ago…hehe!) – and some other symptoms with my balance and stuff.  I mentioned this to the surgeon so he ordered the CT scan.  He reminded me (or reassured me, I guess) that the tumors I have are slow-growing tumors (like YEARS) and that the ventricles in my brain won’t just “crap out” and stop working.  Because I was a bit concerned the shunt was going to be happening sooner rather than later.  Thankfully it doesn’t work that way….

More soon…