Update 1/15/19


I can’t with some humans today

…how irresponsible pet owners yell and scream at their (escaped) pets instead of taking a long, hard look at themselves?

I had a run in with a horrible, gross man this morning.  His little dog was running around and for the record:  I will always choose an animal over a stupid human being.

The man comes out as he hears me trying to get the dog home, and starts yelling and screaming at the dog.  I’m (in my car) waiting because I was going to tell him that I saw his dog out a few days earlier, too.  As he sees that I’m still there he screams, “GET AWAY FROM MY CAR.  WATCH THE CAR.”

I was stunned.

I was very far away from his car and in no way was I at risk for hitting it.


Did I mention a little tiny boy (maybe 2 years old?) was following at this man’s feet and making some noise?  I know this poor baby was terrified at what he was witnessing.

I pulled out my phone and took his picture. And, a picture of the dog before he was ushered to the back area.

I was dumbfounded.  Speechless.

I asked him, “Why are you being such a dick?”

And also, just for the record:  I didn’t get a word in edgewise to this crazy man.  He just yelled his fool head off.






My heart breaks for that poor dog.  Seriously.

But I know I can’t save them all.  It’s hard.


Titan and his "sister" Asia

“Sister” Asia and Titan

I’m so thankful for my family. I’m so grateful that I am close to them and around when I’m needed. We just got home from putting Titan to sleep – he was very sick. He was a 12-year-old chocolate lab that my brother and his wife have had since he was a puppy, with his papers and everything. I think I heard my mom say last night that his name is, “King Titan”.

This came on like gang-busters. All of a sudden. He was fine and lunch time yesterday – then things went down hill FAST.

He had cancer of his blood vessels and by the time we knew about it – there were spots on his spleen and liver.

We all got to say our goodbyes in a nice room the medical group has set up for just this type of thing. Dog pillows, chairs for the humans, etc.

My nephews weren’t on board for this at all, obviously. They are 7 and 5 so they have only known Titan…that was super hard for me to see them crying and so upset.  Witnessing that broke my heart as much as saying goodbye to Titan.  I want to write more about him, the connection he had with my brother, how much he loved and protected his home, what an incredible dog he IS…but it’s so raw right now.

King Titan

King Titan

How has my blog been turning up in searches?

Funny you should ask.  🙂

I have a post mulling around in my mind – about my brain tumor support group meeting last week (my first one since surgery!); the pain I’ve had in my right breast {still} the same one that caused the drama this summer; counseling; looking for a job/income/my JR Watkins biz I just started [YAY!]; the volunteering, etc.  But that will have to wait until I’m recovered a bit more from this virus/croup garbage in my lungs and sinuses.

(BTW:  What are your thoughts on flu shots?  I’ve never been a fan for the risk of the side effects.  But this is the 2x this year I’ve gotten SO severely ill.  I’ve asked one of my doctors about it and he isn’t a fan.  I’m going to see my Primary this week to talk to her about some things and I will bring it up…just wondering if anyone else is a fan of them?)

I was searching through some of the topic/key word searches that gets people to my blog.  Now some of them are “typical”, including:

  1. gangliocytoma brain
  2. cowden
  3. lhermitte’s duclos disease
  4. cowden syndrome support for kids
  5. craniotomy with tumor resection
  6. brain tumor ldd
  7. hydrocephalus
  8. cowden’s syndrome support group
  9. pten mutation genetic
  10. cowden syndrome bumps on tongue

Which means things are going forward on my blog the way I want them to.  (Urg, bad sentence but you know what I mean.)  First this blog was to just tell friends and family about the brain surgery I was having.  NOW…it’s so much more (thanks to my friends Cowden’s Syndrome and Lhermitte-Duclos Disease).  I am going to continue to do all that I can to raise my voice about these 2 rare diseases.  The Internet is an amazing place and some incredible connections have been formed for which I’m very thankful (This blog and this other one are just 2 to name a few)…

BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT.  There are a few more I wanted to add that I thought were quite particular.  And wanted to share:

  1. why hasn’t my dermatologist called me with my results
  2. “brain tumor” , “play on words”
  3. before you judge my life my past or my character
  4. from the mouth of babes
  5. i wonder how people get time
  6. heads up brain wife heather means
  7. orphan the toe
  8. i do too enjoy our conversations
  9. don’t judge me until you’ve walked in my shoes
  10. adopted dog promise pic

* From this group – #5 and #7 are my favorites.  🙂


Dogs, snoring, and MRI’s

I’m updating some links of the CS and LDD stuff while my brother’s dog snores near my feet. It’s very soothing to hear Asia so relaxed. There was another dog that I rescued from our front dog yesterday that just went to Animal Control…but she’s going to a no-kill shelter so that’s a good thing. 🙂 I named her Minnie. Be sure to check out the new links on the pages up top. It’s some crazy stuff this CS and LDD!

I see my new neurosurgeon on Friday. My Mom was asking me yesterday why I wanted the MRI if I didn’t want to KNOW if there’s been any change or tumor growth of the 2 brain tumors. And, I really had to think about that. Because if Dr. H says, “Oh Heather there’s been growth.” That is going to send me into the abyss. I don’t WANT to know if either have grown. I have to struggle every single second of the day to FORGET the tumors are in my cerebellum. I wanted the MRI to rule out (I pray!) or determine there’s not a 3rd one.

That’s the reason why.