Daily Prompt: Pursue

What do I pursue now that my life is such that it is?

Initially my plan was a career in education.  But, the brain tumors (and surgeries) have put a kink in that plan.

I know there’s more to my life than stress, financial ruin, depression, despair.

Where do I find the “more”?






People are super-hilarious

Some are small people and some are big:

  1. “Frosty saved my life!” (Context: This entire week I helped a friend by watching her 3.5-year-old twins. YEP. You read that right folks. 🙂 Today after snack time I had to put in another DVD because I couldn’t figure out how to get the Playstation/DVD player back to TV mode.  Since I couldn’t get things working properly I decided I had to find another movie to save the rest of the evening. I offered a few choices and the consensus was “Frosty”. After some discussion, one of twins tells me the above. Translation: “Frosty came to life.”
  2. As I was leaving my friend’s house yesterday I see a girl and what was (I hope) her father in the pool. I had in my arms a few water bottles, my purse, my lunch bag, the DVDs I had brought, and maybe something else, I can’t recall off-hand. The girl (maybe 8ish?) says, “Hiiiiiiiiiiiii!” – I replied in kind. Then, she says, “Are you a teacher?” I laughed in spite of myself (Does she read my blog?! HAH!) and asked her, “Well, er. Kinda. You see, I went to school to be a teacher in and I studied Special Education in fact but see…in 2009 something happened things tanked in the education field and I wasn’t able to find a job anywhere or get many interviews plus I struggle with my interview skills as I don’t really have any and, I have interviewed all over since then and no district will choose to see how fabulous I am and what a fantastic teacher I am too so sometimes I think I am a teacher and sometimes I want to throw it all into the garbage but I don’t know what do you think do you think I should keep my head in the game with subbing/teaching?” “What makes you say that?”. She then said, “Because you’re carrying lots of stuff.”
  3. I chose to treat myself to sushi last night. A new place I hadn’t yet been to. The sushi-maker (is he a chef?) was very talkative (I say flirty. Don’t hate. 🙂) and asked me my name, made conversation about my day, etc. I suppose for the record since I was the only person at the sushi bar this isn’t really a big deal.  Whatev. I told him about the babysitting job I had this week and coincidentally I was wearing a shirt from a nanny agency that I used to work for. He said something like, “You should do a theme with your nanny work. You look like you could have an English accent.”

Did you come across any super-hilarious people recently?

Daily Prompt: Switcheroo

The Daily Post at WordPress asks:

If you could switch blogs with any blogger for a week, with whom would you switch and why?

I would switch blogs with L. Palmer~you can visit her blog here.

There are many reasons why I’d like to switch with her for one week, but here are just a few:

  1. She knows a lot about horses.  (Check out this post for confirmation.)
  2. She helped me attain (relatively) good employment a few years ago.  Just too bad that neither one of us work there any longer.  Interesting how this place seemed so good on paper…
  3. Ms. Palmer taught high school English.  Now, having worked as a substitute teacher myself in a high school setting I know what a feat this is.  She needs a medal!  (Er, wait.  Then I need one too!)
  4. She can hook me up with Girl Scout Cookies (for this fact alone – we will be life-long friends!)
  5. L has tried many times to school me many times on the wonder that is Lord of the Rings.  (Note I said tried.)
  6. She’s squishy.
  7. LP is an amazing writer.  Really.  When you read one of her posts you can just tell she’s an English major!  (In the past I’ve looked to her blog for help in writing some of my posts.)  She’s a Rock Star and one day….she’s gonna be FAMOUS! 

Ladies First

As I left class yesterday a student told me, “Ladies first.”

Whoa.  Hold the phone.  Let me tell you how much this comment impressed me!

For the next bit I’m working a (kind of) long-term subbing job at a local high school.  I’ve worked at this school for a quite a while and even did my student teaching here a few years ago.

English: Group photograph of teacher and stude...

English: Group photograph of teacher and students of Ipswich Central State School, 1889 Unidentified group of student and teacher have their photo taken against the wall of the school building. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This gig is such a blessing and I’m so thankful for it.  I’m really feeling like a teacher and it’s great!  I run around all day, work my prep period [which I don’t get paid for BTW as a substitute teacher], I’m collaborating with others who are my colleagues as such, and having to work things out on my own.  Dang!  Look at me go!  🙂  The last few days I’ve come home from work – checked my emails – worked out – then eaten dinner – maybe folded some laundry or something like that and then fallen into bed by 9:30. HAH.It looks like finals are coming up quick and I’m scrambling to put things together.  Luckily I can email the classroom teacher to find out what she would like me to do…but, I’m mildly in panic mode because the “OLD HEATHER” wants to know now yesterday what she wants to do with finals.  I emailed her ~ she hasn’t written me back yet.But what I’m working on doing today is letting the “NEW HEATHER” just “be”.  I just have today anyway, right?  Meaning, that’s all anyone really has.  So, I’m planning for the week really (and kind of next week), and I have to know the teacher will contact me at her earliest convenience RE her finals for her students.  IF NOT…


I have the Department Chair I can contact to get some feedback….but I can always do that next week. 🙂

I don’t know why I hadn’t been doing this before!


I just love it.

It really does give me something to look forward to during the week.

During the orientation this summer the Coordinator for the tutoring program told me that if there were days when I had a rough day, after a session my outlook would be completely turned around.

She was right!

I have worked with the English Language Learner since August of this year and I am so pleased to see such growth in J.  She laughs more, she attempts more English, she smiles more, it’s just so heartwarming to be a part of.

One of the many things I enjoy about it is the flexibility it affords me (because it really does make me feel like a teacher).  We have the choice to do different activities each session.  Sometimes J writes sentences from a list of vocabulary words (in different tenses – present/past/present participle), sometimes she reads lessons from a workbook assigned from the organization, sometimes I have fun activities for her to do (last month we completed a few Mad Libs.  Where we were tutoring there was another event going on and it was quite loud and distracting for us to work, but we had no other place.  The Mad Libs came in handy because we got to discuss adjectives, nouns, adverbs, etc.)  We always discuss things and I make sure to ask her what/if any questions she has with anything we do each session.


Mad-Libs (Photo credit: Aaron & Alli)

For example, tonight we started Lesson 7 in the workbook assigned from the tutoring organization.  She’s starting to practice words ending in “ang/ing/ank/ink”, etc.  And she noticed a pattern with “rang, ring, rung” and “sang, sing, sung” – I’m excited that she asks questions as she needs to and just doesn’t smile as if she understands when she really might not.  I feel that too shows how much her confidence is growing.

At times we still have a language barrier between us, but I know enough Spanish to communicate with her the very basics needed.  I only communicate with her in Spanish in dire emergencies when I know that she doesn’t understand what she just read (as I can tell by her expression or her body language).  She actually understands more English than she gives herself credit for.  As I see her confidence increasing these last few months I know there are great things in store for her.  I’m so excited to be a part of it!