I never liked flowers Til I got Instagram (Photo of the day 4/26/14)


Smelly (Photo of the day 3/26/14)



Saturday ruined

Here’s a sure-fire way to ruin a perfectly good Saturday afternoon:  In doing your taxes you find out you owe $521!


After the Turbo Tax fiasco I had to go outside for a walk to clear my head because I was afraid I was going to lose my noodle.  I saw this pretty thing outside and it captured my attention.

When I got home I just did the next best things….I updated my GoFundMe page, wrote a small check to the IRS on the balance I owe, and ate a carb-filled (baha) dinner with mom.

I pray things look better in the morning.


Drip (Photo of the day 2/8/14)


I noticed this flower on my walk yesterday. I had to stop and capture this moment.

My view of the Tribute to Champions of Hope weekend [a little late]


This is the centerpiece from the dinner Saturday evening. Just breathtaking. I told someone I felt like I was at the wedding reception of Gene Simmons.


I missed the memo that this was “Blue” tie optional (hah, it’s a play on words for Black Tie). So, since I didn’t bring anything blue (for genes/jeans, get it?) this was the best I could do. It was win-win, because my nails needed something!


Such an amazing event. See the blue book in the corner? I’m in that book!


A view from lunch during the Patient Summit Friday afternoon.


My hotel room

Peachy (Photo of the day 9/27/13)


Flowers on the ground of the Los Angeles Temple.