Fun Fact Friday 3/7/14 (late)


* I like to crochet (I didn’t make this afghan but I have made similar ones.)
* I like to eat Chinese Food (you get a 2fer since I posted late.) 🙂

Fun Fact Friday 2/14/14


I love sushi; until it all crumbled into pieces.

I subbed a few hours this morning at a local high school, so of course, that meant I could eat sushi for lunch.  (Remind me to tell you later about the student who left for 1/2 hour to go to the restroom!)  They go hand in hand.  Trust me.  PLUS – it’s Valentine’s Day – so that was a DOUBLE winning shot that THIS GIRL was eating some type of Premium Sushi Roll this afternoon.  So…my Fun Fact was going to be:  “I love sushi.”

HOWEVER, I drove around to 2 different places after work and they all opened 30 minutes later than what my stomach agreed to.  This picture shows my lunch as I waited for my chicken and broccoli snooze fest.  🙂