Random stuff

* How have I just found out about the wonder that is Jasmine Green Tea?  WOW.  I love that stuff!  How many is TOO many cups to have in a day anyway?  🙂

* One of my cousins shared on Facebook a link to a General Conference talk by Richard G. Scott.  For my LDS friends this will make sense to you, for those who are Non-LDS, 2 times a year in April and October our church leaders speak to members world wide on a variety of spiritual topics. I just learned last night that they are not given topics to speak on, each speaker will fast and pray and choose their own subject matter.  Here is the link to the talk as I haven’t figured out WordPress enough to see if I can somehow insert it like you can on Blogspot:


God answers prayers and for me to have come across this talk (via my cousin) from 1995 is an answer to one of my many, many, prayers.  🙂