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Real Talk

I struggle to stay present.  To be in the moment and really fully experience each moment of my day.  To not worry (so much) of my financial struggles and really enjoy my life.

This weekend I went on a quick day trip with a friend from church.  It was so much fun!  Right until I got dizzy.  About 1/2 way into our drive the bottom dropped out and everything for me came unhinged.  I was nauseous, the car was spinning, just crap.  Crap crap crap crap crap crap crap.

My day started out wonderfully, then this happened.

Real talk time. 

Heather:  This will continue to happen.  More dizzy episodes.  More balance problems.  It’s expected after having your cerebellum dug into TWICE.  Relish the good days, and be good to yourself on the bad.  Be strong when other people doubt you.  You will continue to meet the haters.

Leave them in your dust.

Bloggy Blog

Can you belive I stumbled across another blog called “”?  –  I cannot believe it is coincidence so I have tried to make contact with her (through Facebook because I couldn’t figure out how to register for some reason to comment.  Which is weird because I think it’s WordPress, too.) – but anyway, I am going to see if I can link her blog here.

Now I am not too technical on all the “behind the scenes” stuff on blogs (although I really wish I were!) so bear with me.  And I have another good friend whose baby is having surgery next week and I will list her blog here, too.

Here goes!