Fun Fact Friday 5/16/14

If you follow my Instragram page, you will see that I went to Burbank this week to see a live taping of The Ellen DeGeneres show.  🙂  If you live in the  Southern California area you know it was like THE. HOTTEST. DAY. EVER.  

Someone in our group said, “The world is on fire and we’re at Ellen.”

(NOTE:  By no means was she making light of what’s going on in San Diego county.  It was just an ironic play on words in more ways than one.)

Fun Fact Friday 5/2/14

My new post- Zumba look.  :)

Would you believe me if I said I paid $10,000 to look this good in this selfie?

For quite a while I have wanted to go to a Zumba or Yoga class.  I do have some Yoga DVD’s, but it’s just not the same.

This week marks the end of my 2nd week doing both classes.  I’m hooked!

Me (Photo of the day #2, 4/5/14)


Walking at the park today, I felt strong. I felt like the “Old Heather”, the one before brain tumors and rare diseases. I felt normal. I forgot about hospitals and doctor appointments; brain tumors and Rare Diseases. I walked. I breathed deep. I owned my afternoon. I did it and it was mine.

It was good.