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My brokenness

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Talent (Photo of the day 12/23/13)


Nephew #1 loves Guitar Hero & I love cheering him on!  He is definitely one of the many miracles in my life. 


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Determination (Photo of the day 11/2/13)

What’s even more funny about this picture is that 2 seconds before I snapped it Nephew #1’s head was up and he was talking to my mom and I. As soon as I asked him if I could take his picture….well, you know. 🙂

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On Kinders

Student (as he slams his hand on his construction paper): “Teacher, I’m going to copy your shadow because I’m going to put your face right here!”

Me:  “Errrrrr……”

Student teachers practice teaching kindergarte...
Student teachers practice teaching kindergarten at the Toronto Normal School, Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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People are super-hilarious

Some are small people and some are big:

  1. “Frosty saved my life!” (Context: This entire week I helped a friend by watching her 3.5-year-old twins. YEP. You read that right folks. 🙂 Today after snack time I had to put in another DVD because I couldn’t figure out how to get the Playstation/DVD player back to TV mode.  Since I couldn’t get things working properly I decided I had to find another movie to save the rest of the evening. I offered a few choices and the consensus was “Frosty”. After some discussion, one of twins tells me the above. Translation: “Frosty came to life.”
  2. As I was leaving my friend’s house yesterday I see a girl and what was (I hope) her father in the pool. I had in my arms a few water bottles, my purse, my lunch bag, the DVDs I had brought, and maybe something else, I can’t recall off-hand. The girl (maybe 8ish?) says, “Hiiiiiiiiiiiii!” – I replied in kind. Then, she says, “Are you a teacher?” I laughed in spite of myself (Does she read my blog?! HAH!) and asked her, “Well, er. Kinda. You see, I went to school to be a teacher in and I studied Special Education in fact but see…in 2009 something happened things tanked in the education field and I wasn’t able to find a job anywhere or get many interviews plus I struggle with my interview skills as I don’t really have any and, I have interviewed all over since then and no district will choose to see how fabulous I am and what a fantastic teacher I am too so sometimes I think I am a teacher and sometimes I want to throw it all into the garbage but I don’t know what do you think do you think I should keep my head in the game with subbing/teaching?” “What makes you say that?”. She then said, “Because you’re carrying lots of stuff.”
  3. I chose to treat myself to sushi last night. A new place I hadn’t yet been to. The sushi-maker (is he a chef?) was very talkative (I say flirty. Don’t hate. 🙂) and asked me my name, made conversation about my day, etc. I suppose for the record since I was the only person at the sushi bar this isn’t really a big deal.  Whatev. I told him about the babysitting job I had this week and coincidentally I was wearing a shirt from a nanny agency that I used to work for. He said something like, “You should do a theme with your nanny work. You look like you could have an English accent.”

Did you come across any super-hilarious people recently?

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A “Guest Blogger” for our 200th Post!

Over everything else I have ever re blogged – the post below deserves it more than anything!

A “Guest Blogger” for our 200th Post!.

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“Kids say the darndest things”

(Mom just said that to me so I decided to use that as my post title.)

When my schedule permits I go to my nephew’s Kinder class to volunteer.

It’s the best.


Besides all the “Kinder Love” they give to me – I hear the greatest things in this class.

Get ready to chuckle…

(As a student ran back in from recess with something obviously URGENT on her mind), “I FORGOT MY HOT CHEETOS!”

(During free choice), “But first you have to cry, and that’s how we know.”

(I was doing some one-on-one work with each student reviewing plane and geometric shape patterns.  When I asked a student what one shape was…) “A cube.  A big, giant, cube.”  For the record, none of these shapes were giant!  But then again, maybe when you’re in Kindergarten a lot of things are giant to you? 🙂

I don’t think I can accurately express how much I enjoy going to my nephew’s class.  Besides any other time I get to spend with Nephew #2, these kids in his class are great.  I mean, really, really, great.  For a few hours on Friday I was able to forget about breast cancer risks and whether or not the brain tumors are stable.  Great way to spend my Friday morning.  I highly recommend it to all!


Count your many blessings, name them one by one

I have the best nephews. The kindest, most thoughtful boys EVER!  They have so much love and compassion within them, and I must admit that I never want them to view me as their “sick Auntie”. That would just devastate me. But part of me fears they do think this; they are smart, astute, children. They are aware of what’s going on even if we don’t talk about it directly with them. I just don’t ever want then to be embarrassed of me.

Yesterday they were both at my house and I was outside watching them ride their bike and scooter up and down the sidewalk. Nephew #2 wanted me to say “Red light. Green light.” at the proper times. 🙂 It was very cute.

As Nephew #2 came down the sidewalk he brought me the purple flower. Out of the blue. Just like that. Then, as Nephew #1 rode down he brought me the jasmine.

How blessed am I? To be near these little boys who have such big hearts?

Flowers from my boys. Do I have the greatest nephews or WHAT?!


New Link

I don’t know what to title this post.

So, no witty words here.  It just is.

Please take a moment and click here.

Pray for this family, and for those suffering.  Do something if you can.

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How do you distract yourself when something is weighing on your mind?

Tomorrow I see the OB-GYN to get the results of my endometrial biopsy from a few weeks ago.  Now, as he and I discussed during the last appointment, he’d call me if there were any issues.  I didn’t hear from him – so I need to trust that all will be OK when I go to the appointment tomorrow afternoon.  Right?!


Trusting the Lord and His outcomes is one thing…

Trusting the hospital and medical offices for follow through is entirely another story.

So, as a way to keep my mind occupied I’m going to write about a few of the funny things I heard today in Nephew #2’s Kinder class.  I put on Facebook tonight that I want to create a hashtag on Twitter…#ohik (overheard in kinder).

  • “Why is Ms. here?” (That’s always fun to hear – no matter what classroom you are in!)
  • “Are you Nephew #2’s Grandma?” (Ummmmmm….WHAAAAAAAAAAT?!)
  • “This looks kinda creepy.” (Some of the students had an Art Center…they were cutting out big, red hearts and gluing on arms and legs.)

There you have it.  🙂