Wordless Wednesday 2/24/16



Nightly routine

I’ve told Mom how my anxiety gets much worse at night.  Not sure why, how, or what causes it, but it’s sure there.  Maybe it’s SVU and Eliot and Olivia going after the bad guys, maybe it’s because my mind goes back to the nights in the hospital, maybe it’s a lot of things.  Not too sure.  The fact is – I need to do something different at night.

The first thing I was/am going to do was make an 8 PM cut off time of no computer.  So I’ve already blown through that but I felt it was important enough for me to at least make this post about it.  So, good for me on that account.  🙂  (To clarify – post about my 8 PM schedule change but since I am here writing anyway I thought I’d write about what I did today.)

Today was good because I went to church for the first time since the surgery!  WHOO!

Today was also good because we went to the park with the kids and played for a while and ate a very late lunch.  Good times.  This little girl started chasing and flirting with the kids and they were NOT having this little girl running around after them!  🙂

I was stressing about my finances but things are great and I am getting by.  That is what matters!

This week is big for appointments – Oncologist on Tuesday.  I admit I am nervous but yet I need to find out what we do moving forward with my health.  I am stronger than I ever thought possible.  I can and will do this, and as Patty said, I am a Powerful Patient…but also I am Heather.  I don’t want the “Patient” part to define me too much longer.  I feel the sick part is in the past and I want to get back to the healthy part.  <NOTE:  Maybe I could put a note up somewhere that this blog could be titled, “Healthy Heather”.>

Prayers work (Thank You Everyone!) and have lifted me up and will continue to give me the strength my family and I need.