15 Random Facts About Me.

Just today, as I caught up on my blogroll, I read 3 different blogs that had this challenge.  While I am sometimes at a loss for things to write about, I love lists so I thought I would give this a try…and, FYI…some of these facts I’m borrowing from the posts I read earlier because they apply to me, too.  🙂

  1. The Brady Bunch was my ultimate favorite TV show as a child.
  2. It bugs me when people tweet themselves.  Do they do that on purpose or what?  What do they think when they get their “own” tweet?  That’s almost as bad as people who comment on their own Facebook status.  Just make an additional tweet or status.  Done.  #ICannot
  3. I have never watched one episode of American Idol and I am very proud of this fact!  (Isn’t it finally going off the air, too?)
  4. I do not like it when people write/say/use ‘Merica.  Our country name is A-MER-ICA.  Really.
  5. I have an unhealthy obsession with purses…I must have them ALL!  (But, I have high expectations and certain requirements for each of them, hehe.)
  6. If I had to choose between books or music as my entertainment, I would choose books and ask nicely if I could listen to 90’s music too.
  7. I need a bucket list.  I want to visit Hawaii and Times Square one day.
  8. I want to learn to Portuguese.
  9. I really love to do genealogy.
  10. Sometimes, I forget I have 2 brain tumors.
  11. I hate the words stump, root, and spine.
  12. I always cry at movies where animals die.  Just don’t make it part of the movie, OK?  Thanks!
  13. My favorite movie/musical is Grease.  I bet I can quote the entire movie.
  14. I guarantee I will never bungee jump.  Period.  End of story.
  15. Currently, I see 7 different doctors (not including physical therapy) to manage Cowden Syndrome and Lhermitte-duclos Disease.  I have a very large medical team for which I am very thankful.

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