I’ve made that my thing over the years: Every time I have a brain scan I treat myself to new fun socks!

This year’s pair is an early Christmas gift from one of my BFFs.

(Can’t sleep. Stalling. Putting it off.)

Tomorrow will be here before I know it. Come what may!


The Good List

So, we all think about bad things going on in our life.  Right?  It’s hard not to think about struggles, fears, unknowns.  All of that.

Part of the reason I have this blog is to get it all out…no filter here.

But last week when I read this post, I was moved.  Right before reading it I had a huge post prepared about all my woes.  😦

I decided to make today’s post different:

The Good List

  • Going to Yoga class
  • Going to Zumba class
  • My car – that it runs well
  • My nephews who make my heart sing every day.  When I hear them call me “Auntie”, I know I can do anything!
  • My cats Tiggerwigger and Konacoffee, who love me unconditionally
  • The Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Books
  • Temples
  • Fuzzy socks
  • My beanie baby “Max”, who I got years ago after my brother rescued a dog that he named Max.  I loved this dog more than anything!
  • My favorite movies:  “The Holiday”, “Santa Clause 3”
  • My recovery from 2 brain surgeries
  • My mother who helps me in many, many, ways

This list isn’t all-inclusive. It’s a work in progress for sure!

Dear Readers – what’s on your Good List?