The Struggle Bus rolls along

I went an entire month without writing.  Buh-bye November!  See ya wouldn’t want to be ya!

I am still struggling:  Don’t have too much to update otherwise.

  1. Finally had the fine needle biopsy on my (empty) thyroid bed last week.  This was my 2nd one, so I was (properly, or so I thought) sedated and knew what to expect.  Nope.  No.  I was wrong and I don’t win.  The only positive thing was that I knew this technician, but not the doctor, and I think the tech (tried) to do me a solid by “talking” about things with the doctor – that I was able to pick up (if you get my drift….) I won’t go to the bad place here yet, because that’s been happening enough in my mind for the last 10 days already.  I don’t have a diagnosis yet, and I can speculate til the end of time because while I do know some things, I must wait to hear from the endocrinologist.
  2. Something is terribly wrong with my shoulders:  I speculate rotator cuff issues?  One of my doctors called in some pain medicine for me, and I will be honest with y’all here, Tramadol isn’t all that bad! I told my Mom a few nights ago that I’d almost rather have brain surgery again than this shoulder pain.  For real y’all.  No fun.
  3. Sometimes it’s quite overwhelming trying to manage my schedule.  In the next few weeks I have to deal with all the above, plus my brain scan and neurosurgeon appointment!

No words of wisdom today.  No positivity or self-care mumbo jumbo.  Writing.  Watching Ghost Adventures.  Water and early to bed.


Wordless Wednesday 5/10/17

Taking Stock, Christmas Eve 2013

I borrowed this idea from here and I thought it’d be a nice Christmas Eve post. I am surprised at how difficult it is for me to think of some answers. Must mean I should do this more often.

Making : Not much. I usually stay out of the kitchen at mealtimes. 🙂
Cooking : See above.
Drinking : Water. Tons.
Reading: Different 12-step books; Book of Mormon; Eva Moves the Furniture (Can’t really get into this but I’m trying!); a book by Geneen Roth.
Wanting: To get some use of my new Michael Kors bag I got on Black Friday this year. I’m so excited yet I haven’t been out yet to really use it so it’s still in the Macy’s bag.
Looking: At a very messy computer desk.
Playing: Not enough playing in my life. Need to do some.
Deciding: That since surgery is complete, what is my next thing to focus my attention on?
Wishing: For the ability to always focus my attention on the positive things in my life.
Enjoying: Pure Peppermint Ice Blended drinks from CBTL. (NOTE: Do not get them from Starbucks. Gross!)
Waiting: For Mr. Right. (HAH! )
Liking: Anything colored green.
Wondering: Why Tiggerwigger and Konacoffee don’t play with the toys we buy them?!
Loving: The Santa Clause movies marathoning on TV. 🙂 And, my red and white checkered throw I bought at Target a few Black Fridays ago.
Pondering: Where I will be in 12 months time.
Considering: The great courage I showed by having the hysterectomy. I’m now a PREVIVOR!
Watching: Days of Our Lives. Like always.
Hoping: For a great 2014.
Marveling: At the fact that it’s 84 degrees in December.
Needing: A pedicure. This girl deserves some pampering!
Smelling: Christmas dinner cooking!
Wearing: Old Utah t-shirt and sweats from Target.
Following: Too many accounts on Twitter.
Noticing: That the pain in my abdomen is decreasing!
Knowing: That as time passes the pain will be less and less.
Thinking: I need to read more. And do The Twitter less. 🙂
Feeling: Overwhelmed. (A bit bummed that I didn’t have the hysterectomy during the summer because this Christmas season has blurred past me.)
Admiring: Those who figure out (and are successful) the magic bullet of diet and exercise to lose weight. Why don’t I get it?!
Buying: My Michael Kors bag.
Getting: Stronger each day. RIGHT?!
Bookmarking: Lots and lots of health blogs.
Opening: A cheddar cheese stick to munch on while waiting for dinner.
Giggling: Anytime I hear my nephews laugh – I giggle. To hear them is the best. sound. EVER.