Daily Prompt: Disastrous

Looking back on my life, I would say the most disastrous day I ever lived through was the day I was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  (The anniversary of this event happened to be yesterday, July 18.)

Disasters happen.  This we know.

What’s the opposite of disaster?

This site shows many, many, many choices.  I just had the thought to print out each one of the words listed and place them all around my room.

Sound like a good idea to you?

I can’t with some humans today

…how irresponsible pet owners yell and scream at their (escaped) pets instead of taking a long, hard look at themselves?

I had a run in with a horrible, gross man this morning.  His little dog was running around and for the record:  I will always choose an animal over a stupid human being.

The man comes out as he hears me trying to get the dog home, and starts yelling and screaming at the dog.  I’m (in my car) waiting because I was going to tell him that I saw his dog out a few days earlier, too.  As he sees that I’m still there he screams, “GET AWAY FROM MY CAR.  WATCH THE CAR.”

I was stunned.

I was very far away from his car and in no way was I at risk for hitting it.


Did I mention a little tiny boy (maybe 2 years old?) was following at this man’s feet and making some noise?  I know this poor baby was terrified at what he was witnessing.

I pulled out my phone and took his picture. And, a picture of the dog before he was ushered to the back area.

I was dumbfounded.  Speechless.

I asked him, “Why are you being such a dick?”

And also, just for the record:  I didn’t get a word in edgewise to this crazy man.  He just yelled his fool head off.






My heart breaks for that poor dog.  Seriously.

But I know I can’t save them all.  It’s hard.

Wordless Wednesday 7/19/17

Wordless Wednesday 7/12/17

Daily Prompt: Sail

At times, I wish I could sail off into the sunset.  To leave all my cares and worries behind me:  no more brain scans; no  more breast scans; no more kidney scans; no more colonoscopies and EGD’s; no more stress of worrying about the outcomes of the tests I must endure.  No more Cowden Syndrome and no more Lhermitte-duclos Disease discussion.  Ever.

Alas, life is not like a movie.  I don’t have that luxury around me, and to be honest, I really envy those that do.

But life is life.  And, it’s not a dress rehearsal.  This is my lot in life.  Call it bad or good, it’s mine and I must not ever give up.


Daily Prompt: Dash

The last few Daily Prompts have intrigued me and I have begun several blog posts.  But, each of them seem to be revolving around my medical status and remain in my drafts folder.  I know there’s something else to me besides medical everything.  Right?

So, in the spirit of acceptance I will dash to my next appointment and be back soon!  Happy 4th of July everyone. ❤

I could really go without…

another person telling me the following:

“Wow.  You got denied disability?  I know tons of people with less than you who got approved.”

“In order to get approved you pretty much have to have a condition that will end in death.”

(It’s freaking 2 brain tumors.  How much more “ending in death” can you get?)

“Are you working?”

“Are you married?”

“Why aren’t you married?”

Please.  For the love.  Just stop.

I think it’s time

I realized this week – I don’t want to have a brain scan right now.  I had one in December.  I don’t want another one next month.

Also, I have pondered about a lot of things lately:

  • Why are the MRI’s so frequent? (About every 6 months)
  • Are they this frequent to help ease my anxiety?
  • Does the doctor want them this often?
  • There hasn’t been “significant” growth since 2011.  What does that mean?
  • Does the neurosurgeon want to scan me so often because we just don’t know crap about gangliocytoma?
  • Why don’t I want to have this next scan?
  • Will there be (of course not) any significant change if I push the scan off 6 months?
  • Should I appeal the disability denial?
  • Should I refile?
  • Should I file bankruptcy?
  • Why can’t I catch a break?

When can I get some sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep? 


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