Daily Prompt [Laughter]

I will be the first to admit that there’s not much laughter in my life lately.  That’s bad.  Really bad.  I know the lack of laughter is taking a toll on my body, too.

I have decided to create a list here (for me) of some things that make me laugh out loud.  Hopefully you may find something you like too!

Hmm.  Those are the only things that come to my head in this moment.  I shall fix this and come back to this list to edit it and add more things that bring laughter to my life.

What are some things/people that make you laugh?


2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt [Laughter]

  1. If you like reading, any book of P G Wodehouse would crack you up. And I recently read this fabulously funny book called “Furiously Happy” by Jenny Lawson. Then there’s Pearls Before Swine – I love Stephen Pastis’ self-deprecating sense of humor, and Frank and Ernest – their puns are hilarious.

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