I pretty much have the best Endocrinologist ever

I called my thyroid doctor on Monday to let her know what was going on. Then, today with all the continued tests I had to take (more blood, chest x-ray, another CT scan with contrast, and another test) – we were right next to her office building. I called her office to see if she had time if I could come by once we were finished at the hospital. The receptionist called back and said for Mom and I to come over when we were all done with the testing.

A bit later, after we ran all around the hospital doing stuff, I was in the waiting room laboratory and my doctor walked in! She had an opening or something and ran across the parking lot to try to track me down! She sat in with me and Mom while they were drawing blood (of course, couldn’t find the vein) and then we were talking about my appointment that I have with her in a few weeks. I had my lab order from her with me and I was going to have it drawn with today’s labs. So, then the awesomeness that is my doctor goes back there and gets some labels for some other labs she wants drawn for me. The crabby phlebotomist girl did NOT like that my doctor was there. HAHA, I loved it! My doc was talking to Mom and I about things and just the fact that she found me in the hospital and came to give me a hug made such a huge impact on my day today.

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