Where, how, why, what’s the point?

I know we’re encouraged to have faith during our trials.

But, how do I get some?

I’m constantly nauseous because the realization is hitting me harder and deeper: I cannot afford to live.

Why would Heavenly Father bring me through 2 brain surgeries, and a host of other surgeries, for this?

I feel terribly guilty. I feel like and AM such a burden. No one understands the inner turmoil this brings me.

This is all my life is?

2 thoughts on “Where, how, why, what’s the point?

  1. I’m so sorry you’re having a difficult time. Faith is like a muscle. It grows as it is exercised. It sounds as if you have the opportunity to overcome a great deal with your faith. It may not seem like a blessing, but it is. Also, it’s a blessing you can handle. Otherwise, you would not have called it to yourself. Can you allow your faith to tell you that everything will be okay, even though you cannot see how? Can you find the place in yourself that knows that all must be well, because in God, all is well? Can you find that place where you know you are eternally safe, beyond your body, beyond your silly experience as a human? It sounds to me as if this is what you are asking of yourself, and you also know it is within you. You are at the beginning of something incredibly beautiful! 🙂

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